REVIEW: ‘Birth of a Nation’ is full of Scripture, but is it family-friendly?

REVIEW: 'Birth of a Nation' is full of Scripture, but is it family-friendly?

R-rated films typically aren’t known for their spiritual themes, sermons and biblical references. There is the rare exception – The Passion of the Christ comes to mind – but in most cases R-rate movies carry content that most Christians simply would rather avoid.

This weekend, another exception – The Birth of a Nation (R) — hits theaters, telling the true story of Nat Turner, the slave/preacher who shared the good news of Scripture to his fellow slaves and anyone who would listen, and who felt led by God in 1831 to lead a violent revolt against plantation owners in Virginia that led to his death.

Not since The Passion has an R-rated movie contained so much Christian content in a positive light. In fact, it’s not hyperbole to say that The Birth of a Nation, which was directed by and stars Nate Parker, includes more faith-based and biblical content than 90 percent of faith-based films, not to mention many Sunday morning sermons I’ve heard during my life.

This does not mean, though, that The Birth of a Nation is a film for everyone. It is very violent, contains some language and also has a very brief nude scene (details below). Continue reading

‘Can I help?’: 5 reasons to say ‘yes’ when children want to help with chores

'Can I help?': 5 reasons to say 'yes' when children want to help with chores

Some of the most frustrating moments in my life have involved household jobs that required far more time than I initially envisioned. Fixing that stopped-up sink. Painting the room. Changing that broken ceiling fan chain switch. I consistently underestimate how long it will take.

Now that I have three young children, I have trouble finding time to do those chores – and when I do try to do particular household jobs during daytime hours, my oldest son, who is 5, wants to help.

Parents always face a dilemma when a young child wants to tag along and “help” with work. The time it takes to accomplish the chore easily could double or triple with a kid in the picture. Will the child truly help – or simply break something else along the way? Shouldn’t I just get my spouse to keep him or her away?

Lately, though, I’ve tried to allow my son to help me more with jobs and tasks, and I’ve discovered we’ve both enjoyed it.

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