Fatherhood is the joy of my life. I’ve made plenty of mistakes, but I learn something new every day and am always striving to be a better dad. I decided to blog about it, and perhaps help other parents out there, too.

I am the husband of an amazing wife named Julie and the father of four awesome kids (ages 9, 5, 5, and 1). I have been a full-time editor and writer for 20 years, first in the sports field and currently in the Christian realm, and have degrees in journalism and theology. My interests include college football, movies, nature, travel, history, photography and current events.

My biggest passion is teaching my kids about the Lord, the world and life. I try to post a few times a month — that is, unless I get too busy playing outside with my family.

If you are the editor of another blog or publication and are interested in re-posting any of my columns, send me an email: michaelfoust (at)

7 thoughts on “Contact/About

  1. Michael,

    I just read your article about Deadpool. As a Christian as well, I totally agree with each of your 4 points on this film. I am a frequent movie watcher but I almost left in the first 5 minutes of Deadpool a few years ago. I hoped that there would be some “redemption” in Deadpool 2 but was even worse as you describe.

    I would enjoy hearing more of your reviews and thoughts on other subjects.

    Thanks again for your stance on such depraved movies (Deadpool and Deadpool 2).

    Stephen York

  2. I just read your article “10 Secular Movies That Teach Christian Values,” on
    I disagree with your choices. You overlooked movies like “Sounder,” “Roots,” “ To Kill A Mockingbird,” “ Gentlemen’s Agreement,” “Grapes Of Wrath,” “ Old Yeller,” to name a few of which most are classics. And, yes children can and should look at classic old movies. Almost any current Disney movie is not fit for anyone to see, and movies with witchcraft/ magic themes should never be recommended for children even if they manage to scatter a little Christian-like themes throughout the plots.

    You are entitled to your opinion, but you sadly missed the mark in my opinion.

    • Thanks for the comment, Joyce! The list wasn’t intended to be the definitive list. Honestly, the story could have include 100 or more movies. But I like your idea of classic movies. I should consider a 10 Classic Movies that Teach Christian Values — or something like that. 🙂

  3. Hello Mr. Faust – I just read your article on Sight and Sound show “Jesus” and I wanted to know if you thought it would be appropriate for young children. I wanted to bring my neice (almost 6) and nephew (almost 4). Thanks!

    • I do, yes. They make those shows acceptable for young children. Provided a child know about Christ’s death and knows it that it is a play and not real life, he/she should be fine. Tons of animals for the kids to enjoy!

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