REVIEW: ‘Birth of a Nation’ is full of Scripture, but is it family-friendly?

REVIEW: 'Birth of a Nation' is full of Scripture, but is it family-friendly?

R-rated films typically aren’t known for their spiritual themes, sermons and biblical references. There is the rare exception – The Passion of the Christ comes to mind – but in most cases R-rate movies carry content that most Christians simply would rather avoid.

This weekend, another exception – The Birth of a Nation (R) — hits theaters, telling the true story of Nat Turner, the slave/preacher who shared the good news of Scripture to his fellow slaves and anyone who would listen, and who felt led by God in 1831 to lead a violent revolt against plantation owners in Virginia that led to his death.

Not since The Passion has an R-rated movie contained so much Christian content in a positive light. In fact, it’s not hyperbole to say that The Birth of a Nation, which was directed by and stars Nate Parker, includes more faith-based and biblical content than 90 percent of faith-based films, not to mention many Sunday morning sermons I’ve heard during my life.

This does not mean, though, that The Birth of a Nation is a film for everyone. It is very violent, contains some language and also has a very brief nude scene (details below). Continue reading