6 ways moving with children can be a breeze

6 Ways Moving With Children Can Be A BreezeMoving to a new home is rarely fun, but moving with children can be extra-challenging – so much so that you begin to question your decision to move in the first place.

My family and I recently moved from a city of 600,000 to a town of 900, and we’ve done it without our 6-year-old son – the oldest – ever complaining. From the moment he learned he was moving to today, he seems to have enjoyed every step.

I’m sure it’s far more difficult to move with teenagers, but I also know that my son lost all his old friends and made a whole bunch of new ones – and that’s not easy to do for any age.

So what was our “secret”?

Here are a few steps we took that helped us and could help you, too, if you’re moving or relocating:

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