‘Dad, what’s the Trinity?’ – 6 resources for kids’ Bible questions

‘Dad, what’s the Trinity?’ – 6 resources for kids’ Bible questionsOne night I was putting my 5 year old to bed when he threw me a curve ball.

“Dad, will my teddy bear be in heaven?”

Without thinking much about his emotions or the way he might react, I quickly told him, “No, he won’t. We don’t get to take any of our stuff to heaven.”

I thought I had handled that one just fine – until my son started crying. I soon realized that to him, heaven wasn’t sounding so great after all. I cleaned up the mess, explaining to him how wonderful heaven was and how everything in heaven was going to be much greater than what we have here.

Honestly, I’m still trying to figure out the best way to answer that one.

Other times, though, the answers are much easier. Like the other night, when, for his bedtime, we had a discussion about the deity of Christ and the Trinity. Continue reading